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[Korea] Haewoojae, Mr Toilet House

Haewoojae (or Mr Toilet House) is the name of the house of the late Mr Sim Jae-duck, located in Suwon. Haewoojae has the meaning of a house to relieve worries and the name came from Haewooso, the toilet referred to in temples.

I visited this place with the group of World Students Korea 5th Batch last year. It was written only 'Haewoojae' in the schedule without any explanation about it, so I didn't aware that we were going to go to a house that has a toilet shape as its architecture!

 Mr. Sim jae-duck renovated his own house and named it as 'Haewoojae' in commemoration of the establishment of the World Toilet Association. After the passing of Sim Jae-duck, the family members donated Mr Toilet House to Suwon City.

He was born with a passion to develop the toilet culture movement, that is why he was given the name 'Mr. Toilet'. The house is recorded by Korea Record Institue as 'the largest toilet structure work' as the first of its kind in Korea in 2007.

Toilet culture movement itself, started when he himself as the Mayor of Suwon City was preparing for the 2002 FIFA World Cup games in Suwon. He declared that all public toilets in Suwon to be made as the most beautiful toilet in the world.

Conventional toilet and the beautiful toilet projects in Suwon

First Floor

On the first floor, you can see many pictures about the conventional toilet and improvement project around the world (including my country, Indonesia), interesting toilet story where you can see many toilet signs around the world and stories about toilet, and also toilet culture movement in Suwon.

The shape of the house is just like the shape of a toilet with the toilet in the middle of the house which bring out the central part of living (see the pink color in the middle of the 1st floor plan, it is the toilet!). 

Mr Sim Jae-duck thought that toilet should not be always at the back or hidden somewhere, dirty or should not be exposed. He has another point of view. The toilet became the space for him to appreciate the outdoor garden or spend time to think things over the frontal glass at normal times (see the picture above - Transparent Glass) . But when the toilet is 'in used' - the light is on for physical needs - the glass is turned into unclear glass design. Interesting!

Looking around the first floor.

Second Floor

Second floor is dedicated for the passionate life of Sim Jae-duck. Also, you can go to the roof top, to take picture and look around the site. There will be the first 'toilet culture park' next to the Mr Toilet House, that will be built soon.

On the roof top, you can clearly see the toiilet shape.

I received many good and cute things on the visit to Mr Toilet House:

This is an explanation about the toilet culture movement, and you can stamp any stamps you like on the empty space.

Mouse pad, post-it and 24K gold plate.


Moneybox in 'unusual' shape :) It is to remind us to become a 'Toilet Angel'.

Haewoojae website
WSK 5th batch visit to Haewoojae 

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