Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Chicken Lemonade (sour...!!!)

Hehe...My mom saw me doing nothing yesterday and suggested me to cook since she had chicken on the fridge. I rarely cook after San went to Korea. Usually, I will wake up early every morning and prepare breakfast for us before going to the office. At night, I would cook again for dinner and he would happily help me to cut vegetables, fry meats and wash cooking utensils.

So, today I was flipping cooking recipes and found some good recipes to do with the chicken; unfortunately the ingredients were incomplete. Then I saw the Chicken Lemonade photo on the book. It looks nice and yummy! So why not I tried to cook this one since it is so easy to make.

My 'mbak' (mom's assistant) helped me to cook. She never tried to make this food and I needed to read the recipe to her. So it was our first Chicken Lemonade.

The taste is sour...! Haha, but it's nice to me. Since Mbak thought that the sauce's too sour, I chose not to pour the sauce on top of the roasted chicken. You can dip the chicken to the sauce if you want.

Well, not really bad for a junior cook. Will try again next time!

*I can't upload the picture right now...will do it later*

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